Title: Toyer, Tanya
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Creator: Toyer, Tanya
Source: Toyer, Tanya

Description: Tanya Toyer previously worked as a Clinical Counselor for St.Vincent Mercy Medical Center where she provided integrated mental health services into primary health care services for children, adolescents and their families. In addition, she provided integrated mental health services into health care services for substance exposed newborns and their mothers, women who experienced postpartum depression and PTSD symptoms and individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Also, Ms. Toyer previously worked for The Toledo Children’s Hospital (Cullen Center) as a Clinical Counselor. Her responsibilities were to provide mental health services for traumatized children and their families. Currently, Ms. Toyer works for Adopt America Network as the Director of Social Work and Counseling Services. Ms. Toyer continues to provide evidenced-based trauma treatment for children and families. Currently, Ms. Toyer serves as an affiliate member to the NCTSN Child Welfare Committee.

Classification: Child traumatic stress
Date Issued: 2011-05-23
Language: English
Audience: Mental health professionals
Resource Type: Person
NCTSN individual affiliate
Email Address: tanyatoyer@gmail.com


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