Title: Seilicovich, Irma
Url: http://www.nctsnet.org/about-us/affiliated-members?page=1
Creator: Seilicovich, Irma
Source: Village Family Services (North Hollywood, CA) (818) 755-8786 x108

Description: Irma Seilicovich is COO and cofounder of The Village Family Services in North Hollywood, California. Formerly coordinator for the Trauma Center at Children's Institute Inc., in Los Angeles, Ms. Seilicovich continues her association with the NCTSN while implementing evidence-based trauma treatment for children at The Village Family Services.

Classification: Service systems -- Mental health
Child traumatic stress -- Trauma: Domestic violence
Child traumatic stress -- Trauma: Child abuse and neglect
Interventions -- School-based interventions
Interventions -- Treatment foster care/therapeutic foster care
Populations -- Adolescents (13-17)
Populations -- Children -- Infants and toddlers (0-5 years)
Populations -- Children -- School-age (6-12 years)
Special topic: Cultural competence
Date Issued: 2009-07-22
Language: English
Audience: Mental health professionals
Resource Type: Person
NCTSN individual affiliate
Email Address: iseilicovich@thevillagefs.org


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